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On Monday, May 31, 2010, I embarked on a mission to lose weight and to get into the best shape of my life for my wedding. For a long time that mission was a success until life started getting stressful and food became a way to cope with that stress. To make a long story short, the mission fell short before my wedding day was here. And to make things even worse, I stopped eating healthy, exercising, and blogging for over two years. I now have a very beautiful wife and baby boy but my health is still crap. So to turn things around, I am brining back "The Heavy Man" and the "Mission to Healthy."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #226 - Getting Ready For More Snow

The good news is that I seem to be back on track with losing weight at a nice healthy pace. The bad news is that I am stuck in a blizzard that I heard is projected to give us just about a foot of snow and possibly more. This means that my car is going to be snowed in tomorrow morning. Patty and I live in an apartment building that does not have a parking lot. So we have to park a block away in a public lot every night. And this public lot gets plowed every time there is a big snow storm, so people can get into the food store. When it gets plowed, it usually means that our cars get buried under a ton of snow and it literally takes forever to dig it out. And if this storm goes for a while, then that means Patty and I will be stuck. Thank goodness we still have food left over from our shopping trip last week. But this does mean that it will be hard to make it to the gym tomorrow. Maybe I will run up and down the stairs (3 levels) in the hallway tomorrow for a half an hour. I can get creative sometimes when I need to be.

Today at work was very productive. I turned on my music, shut my office door, and got down to business. The office can get a little hectic sometimes when everybody is in. So I have to do my best to drown everyone out if I have a lot to do. My boss was happy with the results I was able to get today, which made me happy that my hard work paid off, at least for today. The great thing about my job is that everything I need, can be accessed online. So if I do get snowed in tomorrow, I will be able to work from home as if I was in the office.

Well, it is almost time for bed and another day is just about in the books. I hope I am able to figure something out tomorrow, pertaining to working out, if I do get snowed in. Feel free to share any suggestions you might have. I hope you all have a great night, and I will talk to you tomorrow.

With that being said, let's get to the details of the day:

Meals of the Day (The Heavy Man - 45 Points)
(I am currently following the Weight Watcher's PointsPlus program)

Breakfast - 1 egg and 1 egg white on a Weight Watcher's whole wheat roll = Points 5
Snacks During the Day - 1 apple, 1 serving of pretzel sticks, and (1) 100 cal cookie pack = Points 6
Early Afternoon - Boca veggie burger on a Weight Watcher's whole wheat roll with a slice of Weight Watcher's american cheese and a serving of baked chips = Points 10
Late Afternoon - Boca veggie burger on a Weight Watcher's whole wheat roll with a slice of Weight Watcher's american cheese and a serving of baked chips = Points 10
Dinner - London broil and Baked Mac & Cheese (Weight Watcher's recipe) = Points 12
Dessert - 1 Weight Watcher's ice cream cup = Points 4

Total Points Eaten Today = 47 points (2 point over my daily limit)


Today I executed my weight lifting routine: Cable Chest Press, Lat Pull Down, Alternating Single Leg Extensions (4 sets of each x 15 reps each), Push Ups w/ Stability Ball, Cable Upright Rows w/ Half Ball, and Alternating Single Arm Curls (4 sets of each x 15 reps each), Bent Over Cable Rows, Side Raises, and Leg Press (4 sets of each x 15 reps each), and Planks, Triceps Push Downs, and Side Dumbbell Bends (4 sets of each x 15 reps each). Tomorrow I will be doing cardio.

Day #226 - Weigh-In = 203.2 lbs
Day #226 Weigh-In

Day #226 Front Shot


  1. I'm pretty sure all that shoveling will be a good workout :)

  2. I think I smell... *snif snif* Is that... Onederland smell??