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On Monday, May 31, 2010, I embarked on a mission to lose weight and to get into the best shape of my life for my wedding. For a long time that mission was a success until life started getting stressful and food became a way to cope with that stress. To make a long story short, the mission fell short before my wedding day was here. And to make things even worse, I stopped eating healthy, exercising, and blogging for over two years. I now have a very beautiful wife and baby boy but my health is still crap. So to turn things around, I am brining back "The Heavy Man" and the "Mission to Healthy."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day #161 - Feeling Better and Ready For the Week

I would like to thank everyone for sending me the "Get Well" wishes today. It meant a lot and I appreciate it. I did wake up this morning feeling better then I have been the past few days. I am sure that taking some night time medicine, on top of getting almost 10 hours of sleep, helped with the process. I am not quite at 100% yet but I think will get there soon. I think everyone was right about me taking some time yesterday to rest, as being good move.

Even though I did not make it to the gym yesterday, I still managed to eat healthy the entire day. Which probably lead to me weighing in this morning in the 232 lbs range again. Well, my weight was 232.6 lbs to be exact. I had weighed in at 232.4 lbs on Friday and then I weighed in at 233.8 lbs yesterday. I hope that I end up breaking through the 232 lbs range tomorrow, projecting me right into the 70 lbs lost mark for the first time during the mission. If you had told me when I was 302 lbs, a little over 5 months ago, that I would be 70 lbs lighter, I would have laughed for sure. But that moment is almost here and I am so anxious to get there! I was actually imagining myself weighing in the 200 lbs range last night. If I am able to accomplish 70 lbs lost, just imagine what I can accomplish if I keep focused from now until my wedding day. And why stop at my wedding day, this is a lifetime commitment. I think the possibilities for my ultimate health are endless.

To end on another good note tonight, I was feeling better today, so I decided that I should get back into the gym. And it felt great doing so! I know I said yesterday that I was going to be weight lifting today. But I ended up running for a good 35 minutes instead. I can tell that I am starting to feel like myself again but I didn't think I had enough energy for weight lifting quite yet. Tomorrow, I think, will be a different story.

With that being said, let's get to the details of the day:

Meals of the Day (The Heavy Man - 36 Points)
(I am currently following the Weight Watchers Points System)

Early Afternoon - 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (All Weight Watcher's Ingredients) with a serving of baked chips = Points 7
Snacks During the Day - 1 Weight Watchers ice cream cup, 1 pear, 1 serving of mini rice cakes, and 1 serving of baked tostitos = Points 8
Late Afternoon - 1 Boca veggie burger, with a slice of Weight Watchers american cheese, on a piece of Weight Watcher's flat rye bread, with a serving of egg noodles, and 3 reduced fat crescent rolls = Points 11
Dinner - 1 serving of homemade Beef and Vegetable Cheese Casserole (Weight Watcher's Recipe) = Points 7
Dessert - 1 Weight Watcher's ice cream cup = Points 2

Total Points Eaten Today = 35 Points (1 point under my daily limit)


Today I ran for 35 mins on the treadmill. Tomorrow I will be executing the weight lifting portion of my workout routine.

Day #161 - Weigh-In = 232.6 lbs
Day #161 Weigh-In

Day #161 Front Shot


  1. Glad you are feeling better.

    Your picture today is incredible. You are the poster child for consistency in this thing.