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On Monday, May 31, 2010, I embarked on a mission to lose weight and to get into the best shape of my life for my wedding. For a long time that mission was a success until life started getting stressful and food became a way to cope with that stress. To make a long story short, the mission fell short before my wedding day was here. And to make things even worse, I stopped eating healthy, exercising, and blogging for over two years. I now have a very beautiful wife and baby boy but my health is still crap. So to turn things around, I am brining back "The Heavy Man" and the "Mission to Healthy."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day #75 - Controlling Stress, In a Healthy Way

I would guarantee that everyone who has ever walked this green earth has experienced stress in their lives in some way shape or form. It might be me, but I don't think that everyone deals with stress in the same way. I, for example, used to deal with my stress by eating my worries away. Now, I wouldn't just go to the store or any restaurant and order something healthy to eat. No, I would grab a few slices a pizza, maybe an extra large fast food meal, or any junk food I could find and just eat until I felt better. If I was stressed, I would find something bad to eat, even if I wasn't hungry at all. As you can tell from my weight about 75 days ago, I was really stressed out all time trying to do my job.

Today was one of those days, where every single minute there seemed to be something that popped up that would pile the stress on. I don't know if it had to do with it being Friday the 13th but it was getting worse as the day went on. The only thing I could think of doing, was escaping to go get a nice big cheese steak to bury myself in, to take the stress away. And as the most stressful part of the day hit, I turned to Patty and asked her to go get me something to eat. She looked at me with a blank stare and said, "What do you want? Because we have some food here already." As I thought to myself, all I wanted to say was a large pizza, but then I stopped myself. Then I managed to say, "A sandwich from Subway." I am glad that I did so, because I would have added guilt for eating something bad on top of an already stressful day.

As the day went on, I focused my attention on being able to leave work and go straight to the gym. I mentioned a few days ago that I have been finding peace when I am working out at the gym. Once 6:30pm hit, I was out the door faster then I have ever been before. I dropped Patty off at home and went straight to the gym to blow off steam. I feel much better now and I am really happy that I didn't crack under pressure today. I managed to make myself eat healthy and made the stress, of the day, disappear by working out.

With that being said, let's get to the details of the day:

Meals of the Day (The Heavy Man 39 = Points)
(I am following the Weight Watchers Points System)

Breakfast - Egg whites on 2 slices of Weight Watchers whole wheat bread with a slice of Weight Watchers american cheese = Points 3
Snacks During the Course of the Day - 1 Weight Watchers mini chocolate cake, 2 Weight Watchers chocolate chip cookies, and 2 pear = Points 6
Lunch - Foot long Chicken Teriyaki on whole wheat bread with 2 slices of american cheese (Subway) = Points 17
Dinner - 1 1/2 pieces of grilled chicken with a side of whole wheat pasta with grated cheese = Points 10
Dessert - 1 Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich = Points 2

Total Points Eaten Today = 38 Points (1 point under my daily limit)


Today I ran on the elliptical for 40 mins and a executed a core body routine: Standing Side Dumbbell Crunches (3 sets x 20 reps with 20lbs), Seated Crunches (3 sets x 25 reps), and Planks (3 sets x 30 sec). Tomorrow I will be executing my Legs and Shoulders routines.

Day #75 - Weigh-In = 261.6 lbs
Day #75 Weigh-In

Day #75 Front Shot

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