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On Monday, May 31, 2010, I embarked on a mission to lose weight and to get into the best shape of my life for my wedding. For a long time that mission was a success until life started getting stressful and food became a way to cope with that stress. To make a long story short, the mission fell short before my wedding day was here. And to make things even worse, I stopped eating healthy, exercising, and blogging for over two years. I now have a very beautiful wife and baby boy but my health is still crap. So to turn things around, I am brining back "The Heavy Man" and the "Mission to Healthy."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day #58 - Holy Baggy Clothes.... Heavy Man! / Another Photo Update

I seem to have developed a little problem. I believe when it comes to having a problem there are two ways it can be categorized, a good problem or a bad problem. I woke up this morning with that great "feeling of accomplishment." I had a meeting this afternoon with a company that could become a potential sponsor of the event that I am currently developing and I was very prepared to get down to business. As I made my way to the nice clothes I laid out for my meeting, I wasn't prepared for what happened next. I first put my undershirt on and noticed that it was feeling a little roomy and I really didn't think anything of it. Next, I put on my nice collared polo and that too was feeling a little big on me. However, it wasn't until I put on my suit pants that I noticed I was swimming in my clothes. I mentioned a while back that I was extremely excited that I moved from a XXXL T-shirt down to a XXL T-shirt. My clothes were starting to fit better and I was noticing a little change. It has now been a few weeks since I had tried on my nice clothes and let me tell you what, there is a big difference. It is definitely a good problem to have. However, I was looking a little like a kid who tried on his father's clothes. My pants were actually bunching up on the sides as I tightened my belt to a new personal best, three holes. I probably could have gone to four holes but my pants would have really looked weird. While basking in my personal accomplishment, I suddenly realized that I wasted a bit of money on this suit because I purchased it, about a week before I started my mission, for my friend's wedding.

This little realization also got me thinking. If my clothes are starting to get noticeably baggy now, what I am going to look like a few more weeks down the road. This now brings me to a some what bad problem. I really can't spend the money for a new wardrobe because I have a wedding coming up in a year that I need to pay off. Plus if I get new clothes now, it will only be wasting more money. I say this because I will still be losing weight and they too would be baggy before I know it. So I now find myself in a little dilemma. My wedding is a little under 400 days away and I don't plan on stopping my mission now. I have the feeling that I might have to ride the next year out and purchase some articles of clothing here and there. Like I said, this is turning into a good problem because even though I don't have the money to buy all new clothes, I am going to continue to lose more weight and shrink to where my clothes will be extremely big on me. Believe it or not, that makes me really excited and motivated.

Another Photo Update

Yesterday's side shot comparison was a really big hit. I had people telling me that they could really see the difference more with the side shots then they could with the front shots. It makes me happy that my fiancee made me take those pictures and put them up on yesterday's post. I have also officially decided that I was going to continue to incorporate the side shot into my post. However, I will only do so at the beginning of every month. I decided this because I like inserting in the element of surprise into the blog. I will still take my front and weigh-in shots everyday for the post.

After seeing the great response for the 3 side shots, I decided to experiment a little more with my photos. I went back through my portfolio and pulled up the front shot from Day #1 and put it next to my front shot from today. I will let you see the comparison for yourself. You can click on each photo to zoom in.
Day #1 - 302 lbs
Day #58 - 268.2 lbs
With that being said, let's get to the details of the day:

Meals of the Day (The Heavy Man = 39 Points)
(I am currently following the Weight Watchers Points System)

Breakfast - 2 eggo nutrigrain waffles with a serving of Light'n Fit yogurt and a side of fresh strawberries = Points 4
Snacks During the Course of the Day - 2 rice cakes, 1 Weight Watchers mini carrot cake, 1 Weight Watchers brownie, and 1 large pear = Points 7
Early Afternoon - 1 serving of left over Beef & Vegetable Cheese Casserole from last night (Weight Watchers Recipe) = Points 7
Late Afternoon - 1 1/2 serving2 of left over Beef & Vegetable Cheese Casserole from last night (Weight Watchers Recipe) = Points 11
Dinner - 2 pork chops with a side of sweet potatoes and apples (Weight Watchers Recipe) = Points 10
Dessert - 1 Weight Watchers ice cream cone = Points 2

Total Points Eaten Today = 41 points (2 points over my daily limit)


Today, I executed my chest and bicep workout routines: Dumbbell Chest Press (4 sets x 8, 10, 12, 15 reps), Incline Smith Press (3 sets x 21, 15, 12 reps), Straight Bar Curls (4 sets x 8, 10, 12, 11 reps), Incline Cable Chest Fly (3 sets x 15 reps), Incline Alternating Dumbbell Curls (4 sets x 12, 10, 8 ,6 reps), and Low Pulley Hammer Curls (3 sets to failure). Tomorrow I will be doing cardio and my core body routine.

Day #58 - Weigh-In = 268.2 lbs
Day #58 Weigh-In


  1. OMG! Good for you! you know I have to tell you a secret , I've started this new workout program that's called Insanity; I'm sure you've heard of it and since I started the program and only eating 1200 calories a day I've been feeling really good but there's one thing...I'm scared to weigh myself, I just don't want to be disappointed if I haven't lost at least 5 pounds or even three.

  2. Tatiana,

    It is great that you are taking the steps to help yourself become healthier. I have heard of the program and from what I understand by looking at the website, it seems to be a lot of high intensity exercising with short rests in between. It also gives you a nutritional plan to follow, which is a plus. As long as you are eating correctly and healthy with a good amount of exercise, I believe it will do wonders for you. I am happy with the fact that you are not allowing yourself to fall into the world of quick diet fixes and weight loss pills. Eating right with exercise is the way to go.

    You should never be scared to weigh yourself. As least try weighing yourself once a week, on the same day each week, and the same time. Even if you lose one pound, that means what you are doing is working. Also take notice to how you are feeling and how your clothes are fitting on you. If you keep on woking hard, you will get to where you want to be.

    Remember, you didn't gain that weight over night and it won't come off over night as well. It takes time and I believe in you.

    Please let me know if you need anything at all.

    Good luck and keep it up!!!

    -The Heavy Man

  3. All the folks in my WW meetings say thrift stores are the way to go for clothing as you're losing weight. I hear you can find some really decent stuff there. I haven't tried myself yet because I'm in that nasty in-between-sizes stage.

  4. Congratulations on your progress so far! As Sara said, thrift stores are wonderful for finding the "in-between clothes" on a budget. In fact, even now that I'm at maintenance, I always shop thrift stores first when I'm in need of new clothing.

    Also, if you go to WW meetings, you might check with some of the guys there. If any are lower than you on the size chart, they may be glad to pass along their clothes as they under-grow them.

  5. Thank you guys for the Thrift Store idea. I will definitely keep that in mind when it is time for me to start looking for better fitting clothes.

    -The Heavy Man