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On Monday, May 31, 2010, I embarked on a mission to lose weight and to get into the best shape of my life for my wedding. For a long time that mission was a success until life started getting stressful and food became a way to cope with that stress. To make a long story short, the mission fell short before my wedding day was here. And to make things even worse, I stopped eating healthy, exercising, and blogging for over two years. I now have a very beautiful wife and baby boy but my health is still crap. So to turn things around, I am brining back "The Heavy Man" and the "Mission to Healthy."

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day #128 - Completing Goals..... With the Help of Others

I mentioned a few days ago that I am a person that likes to set goals. Of course the big goal is to lose weight and become healthier. But honestly, I could be looking to achieve that goal forever. What I mean, is that I am now living a lifestyle that I hope to maintain for the rest of my life. However, there are those small goals that I am still setting for myself and gives me the motivation needed to keep on going.

For example, I currently have two small goals that I set for myself not to long ago and it seems that they have both been achieved within the last few days. The first goal, I had set about a week and a half ago, was that I wanted to make it to 245 lbs. Well guess what my friends, I achieved that 3 days ago. When I first weighed in at 245 lbs, I thought to myself that it won't stay that way for long because the human body can fluctuate in weight all the time. In some instance, up to 5 lbs a day. But to my surprise, I reach the 243 lb mark yesterday and again this morning. So, maybe I am in the clear and I can officially mark that goal as completed!

The second small goal I had set out to achieve, was to run further outside then I have been, since I started running outside for cardio about 2 weeks ago. I figured that if I am going to run outside, I might as well have distances I want to be able to make it to eventually. The first distance / goal I had set, was to be able to run to the fire house in the next town over. I have been doing that successfully for the last 3 cardio days and it takes me about 15 minutes to get there and 15 minutes to get back to my apartment. The next small goal I had set for myself, pertaining to running, was to make it past the fire house and down the large hill that is right beyond it. Well, Patty ran with me tonight and she hasn't been running as much as I have, so I figured that we would make it to the fire house and turn around to head back to the apartment. However, I was way off, as soon as we made to the fire house, I started to circle around to head back to my apartment but she just kept on going. So, I figure I would just follow her and when ever she wanted to turn around, we would. Well it turns out, that we made it to the bottom of the hill and turned around to head towards home. But it was what happened before we started home, that meant a lot to me. She turned to me, had a big smile on her face, and said,"I just helped you achieve your goal." She then continued to run right back up the hill towards home. That couldn't have come at a better time. She explained to me, that she remembered me stating that my next small goal was to make it past the fire house and down the hill and she helped me accomplish that goal tonight. I did not however, make it all the way home by running. My knees were hurting a little but it was still a great cardio workout that ended up being for 30 mins straight.

Well, now that my 2 small goals have been achieved, I think I will set 2 more for myself right now. I officially weighed in at 243.2 lbs this morning, which means that I am very close to reaching the 60 lbs lost mark for my mission. So my first small goal is to reach 242 lbs and that will take me to 60 lbs lost. The second small goal will be pertaining to running. I had officially made it past the fire house and down the large hill in the next town over. My second small goal is to make it back up the hill and back to my apartment running the entire time, from start to finish. Wish me luck with chasing these 2 new goals!

With that being said, let's get to the details of the day:

Meals of the Day (The Heavy Man - 37 Points)
(I am currently following the Weight Watchers Points System)

Breakfast - 2 Eggo nutrigrain waffles with a serving of strawberries = Points 3
Snacks During the Day - 1 Weight Watchers brownie, 1 serving of baked potato chips, 2 rice cakes, and 1 pear = Points 7
Early Afternoon - 2 Boca veggie burgers on a Weight Watchers roll with 2 slices of Weight Watchers american cheese and a serving of baked potato chips = Points 10
Late Afternoon - 1 Boca veggie burger on a Weight Watchers roll with 1 slice of Weight Watchers american cheese and a serving of baked potato chips = Points 7
Dinner - 1 serving of homemade Chicken Pot Pie (Weight Watchers Recipe) and 2 reduced fat crescent rolls = Points 7
Dessert - 1 Weight Watchers ice cream cup = Points 2

Total Points Eaten Today = 36 Points (1 point under my daily limit)


Today I ran for 30 mins and walked for 20 mins. Tomorrow I will be executing the weight lifting and strength training portion of my workout routine.

Day #128 - Weigh-In = 243.2 lbs
Day #128 Weigh-In

Day #128 Front Shot

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  1. Wowsa's your kicking those goals to the curb!!
    Congratulations on a new low weight.
    Ask Patty if she finds some good recipes could she pass them on??